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  • Welcome: Gansu Aixiangtian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd
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    Aixiangtian?OUR COMPANY

    Smart planting, agricultural e-commerce, agricultural traceability, adoption of agriculture, big data visualization, building one village and one product

    About Us


    We have been transforming the ideas and visions projects.

    Gansu Aixiang Sweet Agricultural Technology Co., LtdGansu Aixiang Sweet Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with a unified social credit code of 91620822MA740U9964 and a registered address of Xujiagou Village, Zhongtai Town, Lingtai County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province. Legal representative: Ma Hailong. In recent years, the company has successively won the honors of "Excellent Online Shop of Gansu E-commerce Poverty Alleviation", "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Gansu Province", "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Pingliang City", "Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park in Pingliang City", "Loca...


    Aixiangtian?CUSTOMER CASE

    Digital upgrading of the base, running through pre production, mid production, and post production, and big data of the industrial chain to assist in rural revitalization

    Aixiangtian?LATEST NEWS

    Understand industry information and follow enterprise trends

    Aixiangtian?OUR ADVANTAGE

    Combining hardware and software to reach more agricultural scenarios

    Digitalization of agricultural information

    Digitalization of agricultural information

    The Internet of Things technology empowers the entire process of agricultural production

    365 day service, rain or shine

    365 day service, rain or shine

    A powerful after-sales service system to answer a series of customer questions.

    Marketing: Aggregating the e-commerce ecosystem

    Marketing: Aggregating the e-commerce ecosystem

    Online omni channel store opening, massive exposure, WeChat, QQ, microblog, applet

    Innovation: Always adhere to independent innovation

    Innovation: Always adhere to independent innovation

    Keep a close eye on market demand, continue to innovate, broaden horizons, innovate ideas

    Aixiangtian?FRIENDSHIP LINKS

    Hand in hand for win-win situation, jointly create smart agriculture, walk with the strong, mutually benefit and develop together


    Creating a first-class service brand and establishing a perfect corporate image

    甘肅愛鄉甜農業科技有限公司       靈臺縣中臺便民蔬菜農民專業合作社      甘肅愛鄉甜公司許家溝村智慧農業溫室基地       甘肅愛鄉甜貴州省黔西南州分公司      甘肅愛鄉甜貴州省安龍縣分公司      甘肅愛鄉甜云南省紅河州分公司       靈臺縣電子商務中心      靈臺縣安家莊村電子商務服務站      靈臺縣許家溝村電子商務服務站      靈臺縣康家溝村電子商務服務站      靈臺縣東王溝村電子商務服務站      云南甘合國際貿易有限公司      甘肅愛鄉甜云南省河口縣分公司      甘肅愛鄉甜越南老街省分公司      靈臺縣中臺鎮電子商務中心      靈臺縣獨店鎮鎮電子商務中心      靈臺縣下河村電子商務服務站      靈臺縣水泉村電子商務服務站

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